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Hiring a FAA Certificated Part 107 Pilot could save you $25,000 or more.

That right, the FAA can impose up to $25,000 or more per infraction for using a non-certificated Part 107 Drone Pilot for commercial purposes. The FAA considers any activities that can further your business as a commercial activity, even if money is not exchanged. So let's say you have someone that works for your real estate or construction company that owns a drone and says he can shoot your property or job site while at work as a favor to build his experience. Well his experience building could cost you $25,000 or more in the long run. Now let's say he's done 10 shoots for you and the FAA finds out about this one job, they can look back and see that he has done 10 shoots for you as a non certificated Part 107 pilot.  Now that $25,000 fine could go to $250,000 and it not only you who gets fined, the pilot can also.

 So save yourself a possible fine and use a Certificated Part 107 Pilot.

You may be saying, well that is a far reach, how will anyone know if the pilot doing my photography work is a Certificated Part 107 Pilot. Well as of September 2023 the FAA requires all drone over 250 grams to have a remote ID, which is like a license plate on a car that provides information on the drone's registration. All new drones have Remote ID built into the drone that can't be turned off and older models without built-in Remote ID are required to have Remote ID modules attached to the drone. If someone complains about a drone in their area and calls the police or other authorities, they can receive the registration information from the Remote ID and get further information from the FAA. So you now say, well what if the pilot doesn't have Remote ID on his drone. Well then the authorities may have to look a little harder, but if the pilot is found and has no Remote ID, then he can be fined for no Remote ID, not having a Part 107 and operation a drone for a commercial purpose; after which the FAA would then further the investigation to find the person that hired the pilot and fine them as well.

So once again, save yourself a possible costly fine and hire a Certificated Part 107 Pilot.

You may have been asking why I keep saying "Certificated Part 107 Pilot" and not "Licensed Part 107 Pilot"

Well it's because the FAA issues all pilots, manned or unmanned, "Certificates" not "Licenses"

Finally be sure to ask for a copy of your pilot's certificate and insurance, they should be more that happy to provide you that information.

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